How AI Helps Advance Immunotherapy And Precision Medicine

While immunotherapies have revolutionized cancer treatment, they are currently effective only for a small subset (from 20% to 30%) of patients. Tel-Aviv-based Nucleai is developing AI software for image analysis and modeling of pathology data to assist in the development of more effective drugs.

The long-term goal of the 3-year-old startup is to be “a leader in precision medicine,” says its co-founder and CEO, Avi Veidman. Nucleai’s team has more than 50 years of cumulative AI experience gained in the Israeli Intelligence Corps—including satellite image analysis—plus the expertise of physicians and healthcare professionals, resulting in a multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of ineffective predictive biomarkers. To find a better answer, “we combine different sources of information, just like what we did in intelligence,” says Veidman. “The cancer does not care about your specialty,” he observes.

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