The Role of AI-Powered Spatial Biomarkers for ADCs and Immunotherapy

Traditional biomarkers, notably PD-L1 scores, often fall short in distinguishing responders and non-responders to therapies like Pembrolizumab. In the quest for more precise and insightful biomarkers, the oncology community faces a pivotal challenge. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how AI-powered spatial biomarkers are unlocking the potential of ADC and Immunotherapy. Dr. Bloom’s presentation delves into real-world examples, illustrating the potential of spatial analysis in predicting therapeutic responses. By exploring the tumor microenvironment (TME) through AI, we uncover a new dimension in biomarker discovery.

Key Takeaways 

●     Learn how spatial biomarkers transcend the limitations of conventional markers.

●     Explore the potential for personalized medicine in ADC and Immunotherapy.

●     Understand the strategic integration of AI in unveiling spatial insights for enhanced clinical outcomes.

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