Nucleai and Propath UK announce partnership for end-to-end AI-powered spatial analysis of a 30-plex immunofluorescence immuno-oncology panel

Propath UK, Europe’s leading CRO for spatial biology, and Nucleai, a leader in AI-powered spatial biology transforming precision medicine by unlocking spatial biology insights from pathology data, announce their collaboration to develop and validate a 30-plex immunofluorescence (IF) panel focused on protein targets relevant to immuno-oncology. For our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, this groundbreaking panel, in conjunction with Nucleai’s validated AI assay, can be used to unlock insights from immunotherapy trials and inform the development of novel biomarkers and companion diagnostics (CDx).

“Our strategic partnership with Propath has far-reaching implications in biomarker discovery,” said Avi Viedman, CEO of Nucleai. “The collaboration allows us to develop and deploy AI-based multi-modal models to identify unique sets of previously unavailable biomarkers and drug targets. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of pathology tissue analytics.”

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