Nucleai Announces Partnership with Ultivue to Provide AI-Powered Spatial Biology Analysis to Complex Pathology Images

Nucleai, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered spatial analysis for pathology, and Ultivue, an industry leader in multiplexing tools for tissue biomarker studies, today announced a collaboration to advance the discovery of novel spatial biomarkers. The partnership will layer Nucleai’s cutting-edge AI spatial models on top of Ultivue’s imaging technology to unlock the complex data hidden within multiplex pathology images, creating insights for translational research teams across Biopharma to expedite drug development.

This collaborative partnership will allow both Ultivue and Nucleai to provide their customer bases with state-of-the-art multiplex images and insights. Ultivue’s line of VUE products leverages pre-optimized and customized panels for whole slide immune profiling, while Nucleai is able to deploy pre-trained algorithms to reveal novel insights and make complex calculations within those images. Nucleai has unique and proven capabilities working on IHC, multiplex, and mIF modalities. The partnership with Ultivue will provide access to validated multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) images and will allow Nucleai to further develop their mIF specific AI models, providing more capabilities and, ultimately, insights to research teams and clinical trials. Additionally, Ultivue will be able to offer automated biomarker quantification and complex spatial insights alongside their mIF imaging services.

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