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Every patient’s biology is complex and unique, and we believe a dynamic AI-guided spatial map of their biopsy can lead to better treatment decisions. We are committed to powering the next generation of precision therapeutics with AI-driven spatial biomarkers and diagnostics.



Our technology leverages military intelligence-grade geospatial AI methods to analyze and interpret complex cellular interactions in a patient’s biopsy, translating them into actionable insights that can accelerate the development of life-saving treatments and diagnostics.
Nucleai’s technology stands out by being the first spatial AI tool used by pathologists for clinical trial patient selection that is directly connected to a drug development program.
Noga Yerushalmi, PhD, Investment Director
M Ventures (Corporate Strategic Venture Arm of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany)
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AI Technology

Our platform pioneers AI-driven spatial biomarker analysis, offering a first-of-its-kind multimodal solution. It ingests images from various modalities (H&E, IHC, multiplex immunofluorescence, and spatial transcriptomics), conducts advanced spatial analysis, and delivers actionable insights. These insights optimize biomarker scoring, determine biomarker prevalence and mechanism of action (MoA), and predict response to therapy, revolutionizing our approach to disease diagnosis and treatment.

The Power of

AI Spatial Biomarkers

In this educational talk, Kenneth J Bloom, MD, FCAP, explains the evolution of precision medicine and how AI-driven spatial biomarkers can power the next-generation of therapeutics and improve patient outcomes.

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At Nucleai, we bring together leading minds in pathology, medicine, biology, engineering, and artificial intelligence to tackle the most complex challenges in healthcare, with the goal of transforming patient care. Come join our team to revolutionize precision medicine.

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