Nucleai, Propath Partnership Paves Way for Spatial Oncology Biomarkers

Spatial biology specialists Nucleai and Propath UK have announced a partnership to develop and validate an immunofluorescence assay focused on 30 immuno-oncology protein targets that could inform the development of novel oncology biomarkers and companion diagnostics.

Dr Ken Bloom, head of Pathology at Nucleai, explained that spatial biology—the study of tissues within their multidimensional context—“is considered a new frontier and extension to molecular biology.”

In oncology, spatial biology can be used to study the tumor microenvironment and its interaction with the tumor.

“While genomic sequencing is important tool on cancer research and biomarker development for targeted therapies, it falls short when attempting to understand the immune system and the heterogeneity of tumor cells,” said Bloom. “Therefore, we believe that spatial biology will revolutionize the way we understand, investigate, and treat cancer and will become a standard tool for research institutions, pharma companies and clinicians.”

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